Sean Hay Digital Marketer

What Your ‘About Us’ Page Isn’t Telling Me

It’s the stories, you know?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this. But one of the most unexpected, best, benefits of this new gig is how many people I get to have conversations with. Sometimes we’re figuring out if we might be able to work together, sometimes we’re trading ideas, and sometimes it’s awkward chit-chat because, well, that happens sometimes. But, through the conversation, I almost always step away with a sense of their story – what brought them here, and what drives them to go where they’re going.

It’s fascinating. And, being a digital marketer, it’s unfortunate that, so often, so little of that humanity and that story finds its way to the people that should hear it. So, when they let me, I’ll share a little about the folks that I get to meet and something that you might find interesting, because I find it interesting, and there’s a good chance that it can’t be found on their About Us page.

But you should know your source. So, here is a little of my story; a little more than you’ll find on my About Us page.

Back in my twenties, before retail melted down, I was convinced that I’d climb my way to the top of the retail ladder, moving around the country from company to company, and eventually running a department store chain or some nonsense.

The world changed, and so did I, though not as quickly as I should have, perhaps. Brick and mortar retail became digital commerce; stodgy, bureaucratic companies became nimble startups; and a desire to live everywhere turned into a need to call somewhere home. The only thing that didn’t change was my passion and knack for crawling inside a customer’s head, learning what made them tick, and then figuring out how to connect a customer and their problem with a company and their solution.

Today, home is Northwest Indiana, and I help other small businesses like myself around the region figure out how to build their brands, and use their websites, email, blogs, and social media to connect their solutions with their customers who have a need.

I use a computer like it’s attached to my hand, but I still carry around a notebook to meetings in which I scrawl partially legible notes to remind me to do things, because that’s the only thing that works for me. I’m a doer, not a talker. I work best late into the night and not as much in the morning. I probably take myself too seriously. I do not spend enough time outside. I exercise because I have too much nervous energy. I aspire to run a successful American-made clothing brand. On weekends, I renovate a home in downtown Valpo because that is where I want to live. And I always, always, listen before I speak.

So, if you see me around and you’ve got the inkling, ask me to meet up for coffee. I’d like to hear what you have going.