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More than a Marketing Agency.

We use our decades of experience to create web and brand experiences that move people to action. But the story doesn’t end there. A fantastic website is one thing, but you expect results. So we measure, learn, adapt and fine tune to make sure that as many of the right people as possible hear your message and take action.

With skillsets from IT guru to graphic design maven, and pop culture references that more often than not result in head scratching, we bring together a diverse set of backgrounds. But the coffee flows easily, the cat pictures abound, and when we get around a table, magic happens.

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We're no once-and-done shop. From the start, we partner with you for the long haul to help you grow your business. We offer web design, logo design, marketing and technology services tailored specifically to your needs. When your business grows and your needs change, our solutions and services will adapt right along with you.

Let us put our combined six decades of experience to work for you, and see the difference that "we're with you" makes.

Our Services


Digital + Traditional Marketing

Today, there are more ways than ever to reach your customers. From email, social media, Google ads and blogging to traditional print ads and direct mail, we’ll help you build a strategy that makes sense for your customers and your business.


Web Design + Logo Design Services

It’s about so much more than what you say – it’s how you say it and how it makes people feel. Let our team create logos, branding, advertising and a website that moves them to take action.


Technology Services + Process Solutions

From that busted printer to accounting, scheduling and workflow software and processes that make your customers and employees work better together, we’ve got solutions that will set you apart from the rest.

our clients
"One of the first lessons I learned as a small business owner is that I cannot do everything myself. More importantly, that I should focus my time and energy on the things I do well and make sure that I hire amazing people to do the rest. I hit it out of the park with Sean and Joe at JCMA.

I have used them for website design, marketing strategies, brand and content development, and to answer a million other questions I've had along the way. They always go above and beyond and really take time to partner with you rather than just provide a service. Truth be told, I consider them part of my team and feel lucky to be able to do so."
– Marya P., Keystone Mediation
"What has struck me about working with JCMA is their willingness and dedication to nurturing and empowering both small businesses and organizations as they evolve from where they are to where they would like to be. They have the capacities to both “hear” and enhance the “voices” of those they serve and with whom they work. And their digital marketing skills are on target, produce results, and are delivered quickly.

You'll be right on target when you work with them!"
– Suzy Vance, Suzy Vance, LLC
"Sean and his team are quite awesome at handling our account from normal ads to dealing with a rebranding and all the tedious that comes with it. The work is great and his team really delivers, we have already seen a significant increase in clients from their efforts! We would highly recommend them!"
– Anna A., Sanctuary Skincare & Wellness Spa
"JCMA is a great resource to help get business together and moving! We used their services for website creation and promoting our Facebook page, and we received 2 leads from our new website within a couple of months! It was easy and seamless for us, even when we got busy tied into projects... we knew the work would keep going on our behalf. Thanks for the help!"
– Teresa L., TL Design
"It was a pleasure working with the JCMA team. They were knowledgeable, experienced, creative and professional. The website looks really great and is easy to navigate. It exceeds all of my expectations. Many thanks to the JCMA team! "
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our work
Legacy Video Website Design
Website design for a startup legacy video business, featuring a clear, simple design that lets the imagery shine through.
Divorce Mediation Website Design
Website redesign for a professional association, plus membership management, public and private facing directories and event management and ticket sales.
ecommerce website design
Website redesign for an ecommerce startup, featuring social integration and subscriptions, plus SEO, social media and email marketing.
Insurance Adjuster Website Design
Website redesign for an insurance adjuster in Valparaiso, focusing on service and testimonials , plus SEO, social media marketing and brochure design.
furniture refinishing website design
Website redesign for a Northwest Indiana furniture repair, restoration and refinishing business, plus social media, email marketing and print design.
designer website design
New website design for a textile designer, including access management and ecommerce capability for digital products.
ecommerce website design
Logo design & branding, new website design for a startup ecommerce business, plus SEO, social media and email marketing.
life coach website design
Logo design, website design, email marketing, social media and print ad design for Beverly Shores artist and life coach, focusing on natural inspiration.
mediator website design
Logo design and branding, new website design for new Northwest Indiana mediation practice, plus email marketing, SEO and Google Adwords.
ecommerce website design
Whimsical, animated website design for ecommerce business focused on relaxation pillows for kids and adults.
promotional product website design
Website redesign for a Northwest Indiana promotional products provider, plus social media marketing and graphic design work.
artist website design
New website design for Michigan City fiber and textile artist, focused on guiding visitors to experience her work.
our blog
5 Tips for Recording Videos of Yourself
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   Microsoft recently added version history to OneDrive, helping remove the many copies of just one file. All the edits you make in a document has already been saved into another version without clicking the duplicate button. Learn how OneDrive version history works....
Why Authentic Marketing Will Help Your Brand Stand Out in a Post-COVID World
Competition is everywhere, no matter the size of your business. One of the differences between your business and the one next door is how you present your brand to your audience. As businesses become more and more technologically-savvy, the harder it is for your brand to stand out online. Authenticity is one important way for … Why Authentic Marketing Will Help Your Brand Stand Out in a Post-COVID World Read More »...
A Day in Our Tech Intern’s Shoes
My name is Zachary Jortner, the infamous son of Diane Jortner, who heads up the “Valpo Neighbors” Magazines. I started working at JCMA near the end of June — June 23rd, 2020 to be exact. I have worked a large variety of jobs, from fast food to waiting tables to warehouse work, even making it … A Day in Our Tech Intern’s Shoes Read More »...
How Your Social Media Marketing Should Change Post-Coronavirus
When the coronavirus swept over the globe, it turned many lives upside down. The stay-at-home order forced businesses to adjust with the times. Many businesses succeeded by creating makeshift offices at home, curbside pickup and online ordering while some closed. Yet, social media was booming with COVID memes and political statements. As a social media … How Your Social Media Marketing Should Change Post-Coronavirus Read More »...
Working from Home: No Shoes, Too Much (or Too Little) Quiet and Generally Strained Sanity
As the coronavirus takes over the world, our team has had to adjust from downtown office life to working at home. Some are taking it really well. Others are possibly going insane — almost all of us. But the work keeps on coming and the coffee brews a lot more than normal. We’re staying focused and … Working from Home: No Shoes, Too Much (or Too Little) Quiet and Generally Strained Sanity Read More »...
Tips to Use Microsoft Teams to Work Better When You’re Working Remotely
   The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to work remotely. As such, many of us needed a way to communicate. This is where Microsoft Teams saves the day, helping you video chat from your bedroom, a socially-distanced coffee shop or the train station. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams for meetings when you’re working … Tips to Use Microsoft Teams to Work Better When You’re Working Remotely Read More »...
Choosing the Right Colors for Your Brand
“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” -Wassily Kandinsky For 2020, you may have heard, Pantone’s color of the year is Classic Blue, which is so disappointing. It’s the epitome of the boring corporate blue color that I’ve worked with for the past zillion years as a creative. Color is such a subjective … Choosing the Right Colors for Your Brand Read More »...
Our Thanksgiving: Pumpkin, Wine and No Cell Reception
Thanksgiving is eating until you have to unbutton your pants, sit back, take a breath, then stuff your belly even more with yummy homemade food. It is more than food though, it is about family and friends getting together. We dove into how each of us spends Thanksgiving in Northwest Indiana. “When it comes to … Our Thanksgiving: Pumpkin, Wine and No Cell Reception Read More »...
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