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Emails in overcrowded inboxes are like a boxer fighting to score the most punches in the ring. A knock-out email has an enticing subject line and a magnetic design that encourages your audience to take action. Let us help you create winning emails that build up a loyal fan base for bigger, better sales.

Our Email Marketing Services

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Email Campaigns (or Newsletters)

Regularly scheduled emails let your loyal customers learn more about you, what you offer, and any upcoming events or sales to help your business stay top of inbox.

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Drip or Nurture Campaigns

A series of emails that keep new leads hot and reel in stale ones. We can craft a drip campaign that welcome new subscribers, thank those who attended events or reached out, or nourish individuals who have missed the last few matches.

Email marketing example for an ecommerce website.

Maximize email marketing to make your customers feel like a priority in an e-commerce or retail business. Utilizing a combination of email types, we can curate a strategy that can drive sales, capture new customers and ensure they come back time and time again.

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Long gone are the days where emails were only opened on one screen and delivered to one folder. With a variety of devices at our fingertips, emails can be viewed on a wide range of screen sizes -- iPad, cell phone, laptop, desktop, and others. And because so many people now try to use email for nefarious purposes, it's even easier than ever for emails to be thrown into the junk or spam folder. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Using our flexible email marketing platform or the one you currently are using (we're proficient in MANY), we can create emails that look stellar on any device and keep a clean, up-to-date subscriber list to make sure your emails land in your customers' inboxes every time.

We Know What Works

Our experience runs deep, from e-commerce to small business to non-profits. We've tested subject lines, call-to-actions, colors, length, and more so we know what moves customers to take action.

A “Good” Email Open Rate*


JCMA’s Average Email Open Rate**


*Based on 2023 industry standards. **For one client, average email open rate over the course of one year.


Take a look at what we can do with your campaigns, from a "welcome" email to a monthly newsletter.

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