Custom App Development

Let us build one multi-purpose software solution uniquely designed for you that will meet your super context- and user-specific needs 100%

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

in Valparaiso, Michigan City, Indiana, and Beyond

Your business has custom needs requiring different technologies. As a web design and development company, our goal is to develop one multi-purpose solution that meets your needs to a "T". Of course, out-of-box solutions are available, but can they give you exactly what you are looking for without subscribing to multiple apps for desirable results? Our client-oriented approach, in addition to decades of experience with big, medium-sized, and small business web development, allows us to build custom app development for companies of all sizes. Plus, our knowledge and skills in cross-platform web development and e-commerce web development services will seamlessly integrate systems and help increase your business performance across all channels.

How We Help

Modernize Business Processes

There's a more efficient way to do manual tedious tasks. Let us develop a custom solution just for you that will streamline your work and help you do more with less so you can spend more time focusing on important things, like running a business.

Centralize Data Storage

Stacks of paper, rows of file cabinets, or data scattered into multiple folders -- however you organize and store files -- let us digitize and centralize your materials, making your data accessible to your whole team. We offer unlimited cloud storage so you can find what you need easily when you need it most.

Empower User Interaction

AI/technology is here to stay so let's take advantage. Our custom app development will make using technology comprehensive, effective, and flexible to help meet you and your team's super context- and user-specific goals and needs. We put users first in our design so you will never get lost in translation.

Improve Your Life

We carry so much on our plates already in our daily lives, why add more? Our team of IT experts will build a custom solution that can eliminate spreadsheets, save time, centralize data and more to help simplify how you work, which, let's be honest, takes up one-third of your life.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Clutter

Employees who work in a clean and organized workplace are up to 15% more productive than those who work in a cluttered mess. Custom app development will help organize the chaos and consolidate the data in a central location to help your team improve their productivity.

Save Your Time

Get more done in less time with custom app development. Repetitive boring tasks consume a good portion of our work day. So, to help you work smarter (not harder), we can build a custom solution unique to your wants and needs that will streamline your business processes and centralize your data.

What We Deliver

Cloud Solutions
Process Automation
System Integration
MVP Service
Master Management
Web Apps

The JCMA Process

“Your app should grow with your business, which is why our app development process incorporates scalability and longevity. We pride ourselves on successful long-term partnerships with clients, who value our proactive input and ongoing support. You'll get a dedicated project manager, and we're always on hand to answer any questions you have.”


Get to Know You

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Idea Innovation Development

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Software Testing

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Project Governance

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Products We Made


A customized project management tool that helps keep projects and tasks moving forward. With the ability to organize tasks within projects and conveniently upload associated files, everything you need is consolidated into one central hub.


An app that collects custom data, accessible from any location, to document pickups and visited locations efficiently. The collected data is securely stored and generates easily understandable reports for seamless analysis.

Rita CMS

Experience seamless connection, engagement, and expansion of your club memberships with our comprehensive membership management software. Packed with features including a meetings and event planner, member directory, communication hub, and beyond, all conveniently housed in one platform.


This GPS mapping tool provides visibility into available volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can click on a location to access a form, allowing them to submit their information directly to the nonprofit organization for seamless coordination.

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