Microsoft 365 Business Services

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Building Businesses

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It may all start with a professional email address for your business, but the Microsoft 365 platform offers so much more to help you organize and grow your business, whether you're an entrepreneur or large organization.

Get business email, chat with teammates, video conferencing, cloud storage, Office applications like Word and Excel, organize your data with Lists, Forms, and more. Microsoft 365 is perfect for all types of businesses, from professional services to retail to service businesses to medical offices and everything in between.

Microsoft 365 Business Services

What We Do

Implementations + Migrations

If you're just getting started with Microsoft 365, we'll get your account set up quickly, including any necessary licenses, security, users and shared mailboxes. And, if you have existing email accounts or data from another platform, we're happy to migrate your existing email so that you find everything you need in one place.

Microsoft 365 business services include Implementations + Migrations.
Our Microsoft 365 business services include implementation and training.

Every team has different needs. We'll learn about your business and your processes and then train your users on the best ways to use the Microsoft 365 platform. From Outlook to Teams to OneDrive to Bookings and beyond, we'll help you and your team establish best practices to work smarter and more efficiently.


Whether you’re only using part of the platform and want to learn more about what Microsoft 365 has to offer, need advice on information architecture, or would like us to perform an audit to ensure that your security practices are up to par, you can trust our decades of expertise to give you the advice you need.

Our Microsoft 365 business services include consulting!
Our Microsoft 365 business services include Power Platform Development.
Power Platform Development

The Microsoft Power Platform allows us to develop a wide range of custom solutions for your business affordably - from business reporting via Power BI, to automation of repetitive tasks using Power Automate, to unique data0entry and tabulation solutions with Power Apps. Instead of purchasing another stand-alone piece of software, see what kind of integrated solutions we can offer.

What's Included?

Did you know that, for the price of one cup of coffee per month, Microsoft 365 can replace most -- if not all -- of the 3rd party platforms that you're using (and paying for) to run your business now? Check out our handy infographic to learn more about what Microsoft 365 can do for you.

We Walk the Talk

As a Microsoft Partner, we don't just sell Microsoft services, we practice what we preach – from Outlook to OneNote to OneDrive to Bookings and beyond, we use the Microsoft 365 platform to be organized and efficient. We spend our time working for our clients, not working on our work.

We'll give you the tools you need to organize your business as well as the policies, settings and best practices that will help you keep your data secure. And if you have questions along the way, a few months later, or even a year later? We'll be there.