Each business is different, and a “one size” marketing strategy does not fit all. Located in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana, JCMA helps small and medium-sized businesses throughout the region find their voice and reach their customers by building a digital presence that outshines the competition in today’s online world. Focusing equally on the left and right sides of the brain, we create compelling, powerful content, then measures the results of our efforts, adapting to make clients’ results as strong as possible.

Joseph Markovich

Joseph C. Markovich

President + CEO

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Joe’s grandmother and father first introduced him to technology at the age of five. By the time he was 16, he was teaching people to navigate this newfangled “internet” while working an after-school job at the Whiting Public Library.

With 20 years’ worth of expertise to his name, Joe directs and manages all technology projects for our clients. Joe graduated from Purdue University Northwest with two Bachelor’s Degrees: one in Computer Information Systems Technology and the other in Organizational Leadership and Supervision with a concentration in Human Resources.

To disconnect, Joe renovates a historic 1900 house and wrangles his two cats, Rita and Ernest. He loves to escape to a secluded cabin on the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan with (thankfully) spotty cell reception.

Sean Hay

Sean Hay

Chief Many Things Officer

Everyone pokes fun at the vegetable cans on his desk used to store pens and pencils. Sean brought these cans to his first “office” job in 2002 at Sears HQ as his little way to stand out in a sea of cubicle drones. These good luck totems, though a little faded these days, have followed him to every job since.

After holding different incarnations of marketing and branding roles for almost 20 years, Sean found his way into ecommerce and website design when consumers started shifting from stores to online. As Chief Many Things Officer, Sean passionately helps small and medium-size businesses achieve their goals by helping them create and market a brand that reaches and connects with people.

With a soft spot for environmental organizations, Sean sits on the board of the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, which protects and restores natural land right here in Northwest Indiana. He also tries to keep a little polish his public speaking skills as a member of the Singing Sands Toastmasters club in Michigan City.

Renea Gallagher

Renea Gallagher

Creative Director

After working in Chicago marketing agencies for several years, Renea decided to start her own business so she could spend more time with her two sons. Since she joined us here at JCMA, we’ve learned two important things about Renea: she never hesitates to tell us exactly what she thinks about a design, and nothing – not even us – stands in her way of dark roast coffee.

When she’s not working at JCMA, Renea researches design and fashion trends and creates textile collections for the activewear market. She believes having a pulse on what’s going on in several areas of design makes you a stronger overall creative.

Time and time again, Renea reaches for Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert as a reminder to not stress over the “empty canvas” she faces daily. In her limited free time, she enjoys taking barre classes and listening to live music.

Jill Nowak

Jill Nowak

Graphic Designer

Starting off her senior year at Purdue University Northwest, Jill interned at Lakeshore Public Media where she connected with other workers and volunteered in the community at PBS Kids events and the Professional Women’s Conference. In May 2019, after developing her design skills by creating ads and promotional items during her internships, Jill graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design and a minor in advertising.

At JCMA, Jill creates a multitude of designs from print ads to logos to branding and enthusiastically develops her techniques through tutorials and exploration. As the life of the party, she can always turn a frown upside down with her corny jokes and random accents.

“I’d rather be extraordinary than ordinary” is her favorite quote, and she strives to defy the norms or trends that others follow. Jill understands that the stresses of everyday life and even mental health stress can take a toll on the human body, so she makes others laugh to help them ease their stress and anxiety away.

Haleigh Vander Vinne

Haleigh Vander Vinne

Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist

After three years pursuing her passion playing soccer at Holy Cross College, Haleigh returned home to focus on her career at Purdue University Northwest. A big decision. Unable to decide between her two loves — writing and designing — she chose both, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Visual Communication Design.

Starting out at a newspaper like most writers, Haleigh wanted to interwine her two loves into one career. She searched for creative writing outlets at Lakeshore Public Media as a grant writer, Shirley Heinze Land Trust writing blogs, and JCMA for social media. In 2019, Haleigh found a combination of writing and design as a social media and content marketing specialist at JCMA.

To escape from reality, Haleigh reads fantasy and sci-fi books, transporting her to entirely new universes. With her wealth of reading, she can recommend a good book to anyone who asks. In her free time, fitness and nature are her other passions.