We are a full service digital marketing + technology agency. We match our design, marketing, media and technology solutions to your goals and measure results to get you the best possible return on investment.

Our Mission

JCMA's mission is to be the first choice for uniquely creative and effective design, marketing, media and technology solutions for businesses and nonprofits in Northwest Indiana and beyond.

Our Team

We hire local NWI talent (note all the Purdue references below!), but let our team work where (and when) they do their best work. So don't be surprised if a few of us join a meeting on Teams, or when you see the lights on when you cruise by the office at 8pm.
Joseph Markovich is the CEO of JCMA, a digital marketing agency.
Joseph Markovich
President + CEO

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, at the age of five, Joe's grandma and father introduced him to technology. His love for technology grew and at sixteen, working at Whiting Public Library, he trained people on how to use the... Internet. As the President and CEO, plus 20 years worth of expertise, Joseph C. Markovich takes care of all the technology projects for our clients. Drawing from his background, Joe graduated from Purdue Northwest University with two Bachelor's Degrees: one of Computer Information Systems Technology and the other of Organizational Leadership and Supervision with a concentration in Human Resources. To disconnect, Joe renovates a 1900s house and plays with his two cats, Rita and Ernest. With barely any cell reception, a town called Northport is his favorite getaway where a secluded cabin sits right on Lake Michigan.

Sean Hay is the Chief Many Things Officer at JCMA, a digital marketing agency.
Sean Hay
Chief Many Things Officer

Everyone pokes fun at the vegetable cans on his desk used to store pens and pencils. In 2002 at Sears Headquarters, Sean brought these cans to his first "office" job as his little way to stand out in a sea of cubicle... drones. The good luck totems, though a little faded these days, have followed him to every job since. After being in different incarnations of marketing and branding roles for almost 20 years, Sean Hay found his way into ecommerce and website design when consumers started shifting from stores to online. As Chief Many Things Officer, Sean passionately helps small and medium-size businesses achieve their goals by helping them create and market a brand that reaches people. Having a soft spot for environmental organizations, Sean sits on the board of the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, which protects and restores natural land right here in Northwest Indiana. He is also a member of the Singing Sands Toastmasters club in Michigan City to polish his public speaking skills.

Renea is the Creative Director of JCMA, a digital marketing agency.
Renea Gallagher
Creative Director

After working in Chicago for several years, she decided to start her own business so she could spend more time with her two sons. With over 20 years working in the advertising world, Renea Gallagher is our creative director and nothing,... not even us, can stand in her way of dark roast coffee. When she's not working at JCMA, Renea researches design/fashion trends and creates textile collections for the activewear market. She believes having a pulse on what's going on in several areas of design makes you a stronger creative. Time and time again, Renea reaches for Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert as a reminder to not stress over the "empty canvas" she faces daily. In her limited free time, she enjoys taking barre classes and listening to live music.

Haleigh is the content marketing strategist and email marketer at JCMA, a digital marketing agency.
Haleigh Vander Vinne
Content Marketing Strategist
Email Marketer

After three years pursuing her passion playing soccer at Holy Cross College, Haleigh returned home to focus on her career at Purdue University Northwest. A big decision. Unable to decide between her two loves — writing and ...designing — she chose both, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Visual Communication Design. Starting out at a newspaper like most writers, Haleigh wanted to intertwine her two loves into one career. She searched for creative writing outlets at Lakeshore Public Media as a grant writer, Shirley Heinze Land Trust writing blogs, and JCMA for social media. In 2019, Haleigh found a combination of writing and design as a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist at JCMA. Haleigh now elevates our client brands with powerful email campaigns and thoughtful content strategy as a full-time Content Strategist and Email Marketer. Her average email open rate is 35-40%. Eat your heart out, fellow email marketers. To escape from reality, Haleigh reads fantasy and sci-fi books, transporting her to entirely new universes. With her wealth of reading, she can recommend a good book to anyone who asks. In her free time, fitness and nature are her other passions.

Katie is a content writer and SEO specialist at JCMA, a digital marketing agency in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Katie Bieber
Content Manager
SEO Specialist

At a fated open house, Katie met Sean where they chatted about web design and development while munching on chips and salsa. At the time, Katie was a professional opera singer in the midst of a career change. A few months later,... in 2020 Katie started working part-time at our digital marketing agency as a copywriter and web developer. Katie's career has evolved toward content and enhancing the user experience, and she now works full-time as a Content Writer and Social Media Specialist. She is passionate about UX writing, Search Engine Optimization, and making all platforms and content as accessible and inclusive as possible. In her free time, you'll find Katie practicing yoga, reading, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her four siblings. One of her favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt. "Comparison is the thief of joy."

Greg is the UX Designer at JCMA, a digital marketing agency in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Greg Sirko
UX Designer
Web Developer

Greg graduated with a Bachelor of Science in UX Design from Purdue University. He brings a wide-range of experience to the JCMA design team. As a UX design intern for Science Gateways Community Institute,... he redesigned web tools with improved usability for science educators and practitioners around the country. He also conducted research in Purdue's Community-Computer Interaction Lab where he studied identity formation within social media and community development through video games and web-based, algorithmic matchmaking. Greg also served as a graphic designer for the Purdue Student Union Board, delivering print and digital graphic marketing material for events across campus.

Becca is the social media manager at JCMA, a digital marketing agency in Valparaiso, Indiana.
Becca Chrabaszewski
Social Media Specialist

Becca is a dynamic addition to the JCMA team, having graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago. Her artistic journey includes the successful creation and promotion of her brand, WishingOwls, ...where she specializes in fantasy and nature illustrations. With experience in digital publications and marketing projects at Columbia, Becca brings a creative edge to her role. Her passion for unconventional creativity aligns seamlessly with the culture at JCMA. Beyond her professional pursuits, Becca's personal interests include studying and illustrating birds, showcasing her dedication to art even in her leisure time. An avid gamer, she enjoys titles like Splatoon and Monster Hunter. Her favorite quote, "I gotta believe!" From the game Parappa the Rapper, reflects her optimistic outlook on life. Becca is not only a skilled artist and marketer, but is also a dynamic individual who injects creativity, passion, and a whimsical touch into her work at JCMA.

Adam Blaszkiewicz
Multimedia Specialist

Adam's journey from Purdue Lafayette to Columbia College shaped his passion for storytelling through film. Graduating with a BA in Film & Video, he honed his craft in documentary filmmaking. Adam freelanced as a Director ...of Photography and Camera Operator on corporate and narrative projects, until he decided to transition to photography full time. He has experience capturing weddings, portraits, speaking events, promo and product photography in both Chicago and Denver. His photography captures real moments that have a documentary feel. Now back in Indiana, Adam has decided to hang up the freelance grind and embrace the challenge of digital marketing. Outside of work, he finds solace in nature, with camping in the high country of Colorado being a cherished memory. He also loves motorcycling, seeing live music, and home renovations. Adam's passion for storytelling extends beyond photography; he co-founded Soft Cage Films NFP in 2012, dedicated to amplifying voices for progressive social change. His work has been featured in notable publications including Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Crain’s Chicago, Chicago Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. To view Adam's captivating portfolio, visit: Soft Cage Films NFP and Blaszkiewicz Photography

Beth Rutkowski
Project Coordinator

Beth’s passion for helping people began during her time working in the medical field. Initially pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene, she soon discovered her true calling when she realized her affinity for the business aspects of healthcare.... Recognizing the opportunity to merge her desire to assist others with her talent for business, Beth made the decision to switch her major. She graduated from Indiana University Northwest with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Human Resource Management. Transitioning to Business, Beth found her stride, effortlessly navigating through the intricacies of business management. She realized that her love for assisting others could seamlessly merge with her proficiency in business operations. Her favorite Quote is "Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." by Dale Carnegie. This quote reminds her to focus on the present moment and embrace each opportunity with optimism and determination. Outside of her professional endeavors, Beth finds joy in crafting and engaging in home projects. During the warmer months, she loves working outside and tending to her vegetable garden, As a devoted mother of two boys, Beth treasures spending quality time with her family, actively participating in their extracurricular activities. Celebrating 14 years of marriage, Beth cherishes the love and support of her family, finding balance and fulfillment in both her personal and professional life.

Our Core Values

These words aren't just a backdrop for photos. They're on every performance review, every year, and they guide our decisions the rest of the year too, when we meet internally, build strategies with clients, and are out and about in the community.

Clients first.

Our clients' success = our success. We put ourselves in our clients' shoes, every time, and let that guide our decisions.

Go the extra mile.

In our quality of work, delivery time, and creativity, we aim to exceed our clients' expectations, every time.

Have fun.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, and make sure we make time for ourselves.

Quality over quantity.

We want a job done right the first time, not just a job done.

Always try new things.

Design, marketing, media and technology change quickly. We stay ahead by consistently testing new concepts, strategies and opportunities.

Deliver results.

It's not just about getting the work done – it's whether it made a positive impact on the client's business.

Own it.

We own our mistakes as well as our successes. Every experience is an opportunity to learn.

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